Automotive lubricants


The TOTAL QUARTZ RANGE of lubricants for passenger cars are key to the life of your engine.

TOTAL QUARTZ lubricants contain three main components:
Base oils - Their compositions and properties vary  according to how demanding the requirements to be met by the four product ranges, TOTAL MOTOR OIL SAE 40, TOTAL QUARTZ 5000, TOTAL QUARTZ 7000 and TOTAL QUARTZ 9000.
Performance additives

Why lubricants are fundamental to ensuring that your petrol engine stays in good condition;

They protect it against wear by reducing friction and corrosion.
They prevent your engine from overheating.They safeguard cylinder compression and maximize engine efficiency.
They ensure that your engine is clean by preventing the deposit of various impurities.
The TOTAL QUARTZ range of products go beyond these fundamentals. They help you to;
Save on fuel consumption.Benefit the environment by reducing emissions of CO2 and other pollutants.
Protect the post-treatment systems fitted to the most recent engine systems.