Total card


Services and control - Your Total card is tailored to your needs. You can predefine the products, services, specific vehicle, timing, consumption and the geographical area the card will be authorized to purchase .Optimize on your fleet management.

Analysis- Monitor your fuel usage through our system generated reports

  • - Detailed consumption report
  • - Card log report
  • - Anomaly report
  • - Consumption per 100km per vehicle
  • - crediting statement
  • - Fleet summary


Network – The key to an extensive network coverage access across Zimbabwe with more than 82 stations at your disposal. Convenient shops are an added advantage for a one stop shop for drivers on the go. The smart card is the tool to meet the needs of both the fleet managers and their drivers. Travelling in Zimbabwe has never been so easy.

Security- your payment is fully secured on the card. Pin code protection ensures that no one can access your fuel on the card unless and otherwise you have provided them with the pin code. The system is flexible; the customer can provide us with a pin of their choice. An added touch of security is the use of the new technology of Chip embedded cards; this means if you lose your card you are able to retrieve the balance and history that was on the former card on your replacement card.